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What It Means To “Reframe”

December 18, 2019

Welcome To Our New Blog Series

For the past 17 years, my focus has been teaching sales and marketing professionals what to “do” to build your brand, drive more traffic, and generate more sales. I’ve loved every minute of it and don’t worry—my blogs, books, and speeches on how to use digital marketing to grow your business aren’t going anywhere. You will still find that content here and on our marketing agency blog.

Knowing what to do to be successful is very important. So much so that there are millions of books, podcasts, and blog posts that will teach you the what and the how. However, in my experience from observing countless business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders over the years, how to “be” is equally important. Most of us know what we need to do to grow and be more successful—but we don’t take action. We resist. We procrastinate. We are stuck.

That space in-between knowing what needs to be done and doing what needs to be done is what my new blog series and keynote speech titled “Reframe: How to Get Unstuck, Embrace Change, Achieve Peak Performance” addresses.

Are You Stuck?

Chances are you’ve felt stuck in a rut before. Or maybe you have wished that your team or organization could be a bit more creative? Embrace change more rapidly? Perhaps you’ve merely lost your passion for your career—or your every day—and you feel trapped, unable to change any of it. Sound familiar? I’ve been there more times then I would like to count and I am excited to teach you what I learned.

Psychologists will tell you that whether you are sad, angry, frustrated, or feeling stuck—the underlying feeling to all of those is actually—FEAR! Fear of the unknown. Fear of being rejected. Fear of taking a risk. Fear immobilizes us and renders us powerless to move forward. But you can counteract that fear with a simple mental power tool based on the science of Cognitive Reframing.

What is Cognitive Reframing?

Cognitive Reframing means to create a different way of looking at a situation, problem, person, challenge, or whatever your roadblock is—and change its meaning. In other words, while we can’t change a situation, we have total control over how we view the situation.

Consider 3D rides at an amusement park. Have you ever forgotten to put your glasses on when the ride starts? The screen is fuzzy and nothing really makes sense until you put on the 3D glasses. Suddenly, the picture is clear and you can enjoy the ride!

That’s what cognitive reframing does for you in difficult situations. You change your view (or put on those 3D glasses) and bam! Suddenly you have a sense of clarity and direction. Reframing shifts you from a victim to a problem-solver. And the moment you start thinking like a problem-solver is the moment you get unstuck. So if you can change the way you’re viewing something—ultimately Reframing It—you have the opportunity to change how you think about it, how you feel about it, and, ultimately, what you do about it!

Stay tuned for our next blog post on reframing where we will explore the three-step process I’ve developed to reframe any situation or obstacle. Here’s a hint….. it’s like rebooting your computer when you simply hit CTRL + ALT + DEL.


If your team could use a jolt of inspiration and fresh perspective on your business challenges, call me! This keynote and workshop might be just what the doctor ordered. I’d love to bring this program to your team in 2020!
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