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Meredith Oliver

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Power Up

Your FANtastic Personal Brand & Achieve Your Goals

“To be in business today, our most important job is to be the head marketer for a brand called YOU.” Tom Peters, The Brand Called You

We trust people more than brands. We do business with people we know, like and trust. Is your personal brand memorable? Do you stand out in your market as the “go-to” expert? Is your brand authentic and does it generate trust? If you want to increase your visibility and deepen your business relationships, this keynote by Meredith Oliver is the answer! Learn the 3 truths about personal branding. Discover how to amplify your company brand with your personal brand. Uncover how to be memorable and stand-out without being annoying. Learn 3 simple strategies to create and enhance your brand with social media. WARNING: If you are in witness protection this program is not for you! Prepare to become the most respected, well-known industry expert in your market.

In This Session Learn

  • 3 truths about personal branding
  • 3 simple strategies to identify and amplify your brand
  • The role social media plays in your personal brand

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