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Meredith Oliver

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You Had Me at Hello

How to Attract Your Ideal Leads with FANtastic Digital Marketing

Is your marketing delivering enough qualified leads? Do you wish you could match your marketing to your ideal customers? Want to spend your marketing dollars more wisely? This session is for you! You will learn how to utilize targeted digital marketing to find and attract more of your ideal prospects. This program will cover four targeted digital marketing tools: Search Engine Marketing, Facebook Advertising, Geofencing, and Retargeting Display Banner Campaigns. Don’t waste another dime on a firehose marketing strategy when a well-honed scalpel approach is much more effective. Hope is not a strategy! Learn how to create inbound leads with digital marketing and create a more sustainable business with consistent cash flow.

In This Session Learn

  • What digital marketing tactics generate leads and sales
  • Latest digital marketing tactics and tools
  • Measurement tools to determine ROI

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Meredith will be presenting #FANTASTIC: Become Superfans of Your #Fans And Unleash Unlimited Growth at the Atlanta Home Builders Association brought to you by Open Door on September 12, 2019. #AHBA ...

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