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The Fan Factor

What Is The Fan Factor™?

Finding your fan factor is simple — get over yourself. Stop taking selfies and focus on your fans. Make it about them. Feature them. Focus on them. Let your fans get to know you and show them in your marketing that you get them.

Meredith’s programs will teach you how to engage current and prospective customers like #superfans. Why fans? Because in today’s search engine driven, socially savvy world, if someone expresses an interest in your product/service, then he or she is already a fan. They have eliminated other options, so on some level- he or she is already a fan.

Think about it this way– When was the last time you booked a hotel room without looking at the photos and reading the reviews? You haven’t even stayed there yet but by booking the room you are already a fan. What if, when you check in, you are treated like the greatest #superfan of that brand? You would immediately proclaim on social media your undying loyalty to that brand for all time and memoriam.


Make It About The Fans

The Fan Factor is when your fans are so loyal and utterly rabid about your brand that they start doing the selling and marketing for you.

  • The Fan Factor is at work when your fans start posting rave reviews about your product or service.
  • The Fan Factor is at work when your fans refer other fans via word of mouth and shout-outs on social media.
  • The Fan Factor is at work when your fans repeat your brand message back to you as a verb, or when they use your tagline to describe your business in a positive way.

It’s about knowing your fans so well that you speak with the same voice. It’s when you push the boundaries of your internal policies and bureaucratic red tape to truly connect on an emotional level with the hearts of your customers.

So What's Next?

The good news is that you don’t need a massive marketing budget and perfect salespeople to find your Fan Factor. With the right knowledge and skills, a company of any size, from the Fortune 500 to the solo entrepreneur, can click and connect with their fans in a meaningful way.

The FANtastic Sales and Marketing process has three simple steps. The steps are not optional; you need all three for the process to work.

  1. Attract – Stop blasting and burying your fans with boring messages about your brand and instead get to know your fans. Find out who they are, how they feel and what they want/need from your company. Pull fans in with authentic marketing images and messaging.
  2. Engage – Stop boring your fans with canned sales messages that sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher. WAH-WAH-WAH-WAH. Instead connect on an emotional level with personalized, authentic, high-touch sales presentations.
  3. Nurture – Use high-tech tools like apps and CRM software to nurture relationships with fans. Stop sending automated, robotic spam emails and instead develop relationships with consistent, meaningful follow-up.

The brilliance of the FANtastic Marketing is you will drive more traffic, leads, and sales to the bottom line. And your fans will thank you for it!

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